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Come On In, We've Been Expecting You

Jeffrey Campbell Evans Foundation

Giving Life a New Start

The Jeffrey Campbell EvansFoundation makes available fully furnished 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartments in the Atlanta area for transplant patients and their caregivers to live in while recovering from the transplant experience.

Providing transplant patients a Bridge to Life, while recovering from their organ transplant and until their doctor releases them from further care.


Providing accommodations for transplant patients and their caregivers and advocating for caregivers’ wellness.

Non-Profit 501(c)(3)

The Jeffrey Campbell Evans Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) foundation registered with the State of Georgia, that acts as a patient and caregiver advocate.

EIN 81-3988359

People Die Each Day on Transplant Lists
Number of Minutes Between New People Being Added to Transplant Lists in the US
Number of Lives a Single Organ Donor Can Directly Effect
Number of People Currently Awaiting Organ Transplants in Georgia

We Need Your Support

Transplant costs can range from 350K to over 2 million dollars.  What is often overlooked is the housing required for these patients in order to properly manage their care.

Organ transplant patients generally need to live within hours of the transplant hospital. Often the patient and family are confronted with excessive lodging expenses that prevent them from getting quality medical help. This is why your support is vital and is greatly needed.

Our sole priority is providing transplant patients and their caregivers affordable and comfortable housing as they journey through their transplant experience.

Our Housing
Transplant Housing

A Home Away From Home

Transplant patients and their care givers are desperate to locate affordable lodging close to their insurance approved transplant center. Some care givers have been forced to live in their automobiles or sleep in the reception area of the hospital. They simply do not have the funds to pay for a hotel or an apartment during the transplant process.

Jeffrey Campbell Evans operates 3 apartments that are carefully designed to provide everyone with peaceful lodging, a retreat from worry. Your gifts, pledges and endowments make this possible.

Learn More About Our Story
Apartment 7

Apartment 7

September 14, 2020

Apartment 1

Apartment 1

July 1, 2017

Our Story

We rented and furnished our first 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment close to Emory, Childrens’ and Piedmont Hospitals on July 1, 2017, and we welcomed our first transplant patient and his caregiver on that same day.  Today, we have 3 fully furnished apartments in operation and have served over 255 families. Our most recent apartment was even furnished by Georgia Furniture Mart!  We are quickly becoming the first choice for living accommodations for transplant patients, which is evidenced by testimonials from social workers and residents alike.

We believe that no transplant patient or caregiver should have the added burden of living expenses on top of their concerns regarding the transplant itself.  We exist to end the stories of caregivers who sleep in hospital chairs night-after-night, who eat hospital cafeteria food, take showers when possible and make a change of clothes when convenient.  Our goal is to provide a comfortable home-away-from-home, where they have privacy, along with beds to sleep in, a kitchen to cook healthy meals in and the ability to do their own laundry.  These are things that most of us take for granted, but at some point in the lives of transplant patients and their caregivers, these things become luxuries.

Build Our First Transplant House In Atlanta

In addition to adding to our portfolio of apartments, our long-term goal is to build a standalone transplant house in Atlanta. It will have 20 well-appointed 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom units to accommodate the patient and caregiver.   The house will have common areas in the form of  a living room, entertainment room, library/reading room, large kitchen, laundry room and offices for the staff to operate and manage it  We are looking for a variety of private supporters, corporate sponsors and other financial and in-kind gifts from the local community to accomplish this goal.

A Transplant House In Every State

Our long-term goal is to have at least one transplant house in every state across America that has a transplant hospital.  We can only get there with your help. We are looking for a variety of private supporters, corporate sponsors, food and beverage donations, volunteers, and other financial and in-kind gifts from the local community.

Help Us Reach Our Goal

"It has been an absolute refreshing experience having The Jeffrey Campbell Evans Foundation provide us with temporary housing as we navigate through this healing process. The amount of compassion, support, and attentiveness has been evident from the very beginning. This foundation has not only been a blessing to Will and me but a much-needed vessel for all transplant patients hereafter."

Will and MelodyFormer Residents

“The apartments have been a lifeline for transplant recipients and caregivers. I had a patient that was hospitalized close to a year. His wife stayed at the apartment and called it her anchor. She described the apartment as saving her emotionally as she had her own place to return to every evening.

My only request would be bring on more lodging! I know when a lung transplant recipient and caregiver stay at the apartment they will be well taken care of and have a safe place to stay.”

Jennifer DuBoisEmory Social Worker

“I recently passed the three-month anniversary of my liver transplant. After surgery I was in the hospital for five days. My sister flew in from Houston to be my dedicated caregiver and we booked rooms in the nearby Embassy Suites as proximity to the hospital was strongly encouraged.

The Transplant House would be extremely helpful not only in alleviating the financial pressure on transplant patients, but also in being a place where convalescing patients could support one another and share experiences.”

David ThielensLiver Transplant Recipient and Board Member of JCEF

Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team is a passionate group of individuals who care very deeply about their cause. The Foundation is named after the son of our Executive Director and Chief Marketing Officer, Mary and Bob Evans, Jeffery Campbell Evans who passed away awaiting a heart transplant.  The work of our amazing team keeps the memory of Jeff alive today.

Mary Evans

Mary Evans

Executive Director

Bob Evans

Bob Evans

Chief Marketing Officer

Brad Evans

Brad Evans

Chairman of the Board & President of the Foundation

Board of Directors

Mark Cussans – National Account Director, Outset Medical

Cynthia Elery– Bennett Thrasher Accounting Firm

Angela Franklin – Transplant Social Worker, Piedmont Hospital

Kevin Glade – Architect, Cooper Carry, Inc

Phil Graiser– President, Comforting Arms

Mike Hall– Founder/CEO, Georgia Furniture Mart

Alexander Kula, MD – Attending Physician, Nephrology, Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

Brooke Anderson LeBow – Former Sales Executive, Avaya, Inc.  Currently Community Volunteer

Anne Marie Peterson– SAP Business Analyst, McKesson Corporation

David Thielens– Former VP of Corporate Real Estate, Sony


Senator John Albers –   Georgia State Senator, District 56 – POLITICAL ADVISOR

Howard Benson – Retired, Nat’l Comm. Dev. Serv. – FUND RAISING ADVISOR

Jeffrey Campbell Evans Foundation – Media

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Peachtree TV

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Listen to our Interview On Cleve Gaddis Talk Radio 640 WGST

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A Poem From the Father of One of Our Tenants

With sincere happiness upon your face
you welcomed us home,
to your place.

This place before we had never seen,
so cozy and homey,
was spotlessly clean.

So difficult a journey we had to begin
was made much easier
when you welcomed us in.

Your sincere desire to help those in need
was to us far beyond
a simple good deed.

When in prayer we asked, “God what can we do?”
He answered with a miracle
and He sent it through you.

We were strangers, yet you opened your door
Our burden you lifted
we carried it no more.

For in years gone by you had traveled this road
now through you “WE FOUND REST”
with your gift of abode.

From your “hope and prayers” now we find
solace and comfort

The passing of your son, to you so dear
leave you memories of him
still perfectly clear.

You determined yourself with this gift to try
to give life to his memories
and never let them die.

You have chosen to ease the burden and help bear the cross
to even a stranger
who might suffer such loss.

Your help to our family and this daughter’s sweet mother
obeys CHRIST’s commandment
to love one another.

With generosity, you help bind us together
in this dwelling and in our hearts
lives on forever.

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Please fill out our form below for any questions related to the Jeffrey Campbell Evans Foundation. A member of our team will reach out to you as quickly as possible.

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P.O. Box 713
Ball Ground, GA 30107
Phone: 678-644-7144